January 2022 - Creation of natuurlijk (natural) soaps & skincare

January 2022 - Creation of natuurlijk (natural) soaps & skincare


We're excited to kick-start our blog series and tell you more about who we are and the story behind Koseli. Ten years of living and working in Nepal transformed us as people and shaped the way we see the world. Most importantly, it was the catalyst for Koseli. 

Who we are

Benjamin is an organic sustainable farmer and was working closely with smallholder farmers in Nepal. He saw first-hand the challenges they faced and realised that organic farming and permaculture could be part of the solution. 

Simone, working in the field of health and youth empowerment with VSO was inspired by community leaders, protecting and promoting the rights of their most vulnerable community members. An adventure full of magical life-changing moments!

Together, we were learning a lot. Ben developing a deep appreciation of plants and 'all things green' and the power they have to change the world and their connection to people. Simone was working tirelessly with community leaders to improve the lives of poor and disadvantaged communities by creating locally-owned solutions such as youth empowerment programmes, treatment programmes for people living with HIV/AID's.

Passionate about our work, we would talk until the early hours. It was during this time we started to talk about connecting people and plants. This was the first time, we started thinking about an organic farm. We didn't know at the time but this would eventually become - Herb Nepal.  

Herb Nepal - herb farm 

In 2013 after countless night-time talks, Herb Nepal was set up with the aim of improving the livelihoods and health of poor and disadvantaged farmers and their families. The team (all farmers themselves) do this by training farmers in organic and sustainable farming so they can stop using harmful and dangerous chemicals. It's a beautiful farm with natural farm stays for visitors. 

We're in love with organic botanicals, herbs and plant oils and butters and use them within our growing soap and skincare range - Koseli. And, now we're producing Koseli in the Netherlands!

Read our future blog - learning and sharing ideas about herbs, plants, ingredients and permaculture tips you can use within your own home, as well as updates from Nepal.

Happy reading!

Simone and Ben  

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